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Children from 3-11 meet together on Sunday mornings for fun, craft, and some serious stuff as well! Riverside also has a crèche for all children under 3 – those over 12 months can be left to play. 

Most weeks, children stay in the main service for a short while before having our own sessions. We watch film clips play games, get involved in craft, drama and stories often following a particular theme and always having fun! Above all we learn about Jesus and base our teaching on the Bible. Occasionally we have a film on a Sunday, where we enjoy relaxing, eating popcorn and being with our friends.

We often split into age related groups normally made on school year groups with children moving between the groups each September. Our children's groups are:


  • Mini-Mites for ages 3 to 5, incorporating more play centred activities

  • Mega-Mites for ages 5 to 8, with a range of practical activities and discussions

  • Dyna-Mites for ages 8 to 11, encouraging a focus on more personal thought and relationships


Our vision for the children of Riverside is for our children to feel happy and safe in the arms of their Father God.

We will do this by:

  • Sharing Christian truths using the Bible and other Christian teaching materials

  • Helping children to know Jesus as their Lord and Saviour

  • Developing leaders to be trusted friends of the children

  • Encouraging children to freely express themselves during worship times

  • Developing an atmosphere where children can think for themselves and are free to ask questions

  • Helping to integrate children into the life of Riverside, enabling them to discover ways they can serve the church

  • Ensuring children enjoy attending Kids Klub, and know where they belong

  • Encouraging them to share their faith with their friends


All our Kids Klub leaders have been through Child Protection training and have been Criminal Bureau checked. We have our own set of 'rules' so that children know where the boundaries are and a number of policies in place to ensure the safety of everyone. 

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