• Georgina Russell

About the Church Sofa

Did you know that one in four of us will have had some mental health issues sometime in their lifetime? That’s a quarter of our church. The most common are depression, stress and anxiety. It is set to be the most prevalent healthcare challenge of our time, both in developed and developing countries.

Most people suffer in silence, a silent epidemic that is so much part of the human condition.

What then is the church’s response to this?

Jesus came to bring healing to the whole person - that is physically, mentally, socially and spiritually. We are here to deliver the Great Commission, to bring people to Christ, but what about healing our own and another’s personal pain?

How does the kingdom of God touch our own lives?

There is a battle going on in people’s souls and the church needs to be on the front line of the battle.

As Christians, we live in the place of the ‘overlap’ between heaven and earth. If we have experienced the Holy Spirit in our lives, we will know that God breaks through.

However, it doesn’t always seem like this to us.

The Church Sofa is a comfortable place to relax. Worn, shiny and grubby in places, we can come as we are and we can be who we really are. Together we can begin to explore, get cross, get happy, or throw a few cushions! I will be doing a regular slot exploring issues around mental health and Jesus’ model of healing. Jesus name in the Hebrew is Yeshua. It means to save, to heal, to restore, to make whole.

I do not write as an expert but I would like us to explore some things together through the Church Sofa such as:

  • How we can grow a Mental Health friendly church? What are the common mental health problems we face?

  • How can we, the church community, and as individuals take a whole person approach and minister to people’s needs? What message does the bible teach, what would Jesus say?

Watch out for regular articles about all these issues. I welcome any queries, ideas or comments.