• Georgina Russell

And More on Anxiety.......

Not all anxiety is a reaction to present conditions, it may have its roots in the past, in real fears that were not faced and overcome in childhood, this may affect resilience to deal with problems in later life. Resilience is nurtured in childhood; developed by being able to express fears and feelings in a caring, understanding environment, as children we can often have wrong perceptions about events, children are very good recorders but poor translators, if not resolved we take these feelings into adulthood where a lot more is at stake.

We develop defence mechanisms to navigate life, which may no longer serve our purpose or be healthy. We have hidden beliefs about ourselves which we may not be aware of, and could reinforce feelings of worthlessness and inadequacy. Performance pressures and fear of failure may also invoke anxiety. The body expresses anxiety in varying ways such as, migraines, eczema, stomach upsets and insomnia. We need to own our feelings, talk about them, so that we don’t express them self-destructively.

1 Cor.13 v.11 speaks about putting away childish things.

We can challenge these beliefs, ask yourself.

Whose voice am I listening to? The real me, or buried attitudes from the past, or a parent’s voice?

What judgments am I making?

Who says I’m unlovable?

If it’s not true, reject it and replace it with the truth.

Feelings come and go, but Gods word is the truth, and does not change.

This is what God says about you.

John 1 v.12

John 15 v.15

Romans 8 v.14 -15

2 Cor.5 v.7

Some personalities may be more prone to anxiety, for example Type A perfectionists, and shy, withdrawn people who are afraid of rejection if they say ‘no’.

Know yourself! What are your ‘triggers’? It’s easy to spiral down, but you can also spiral up, by challenging irrational thoughts and beliefs, the use of breathing techniques, mindfulness, and distracting yourself with activities and exercise. Meditate on scripture. Share your feelings with a trusted, supportive friend.

Focus on Ps.91 v.1-2, and 14-15

It says we are secure in God.

‘Worry doesn’t empty tomorrow of its sorrow, it empties today of its strength.’


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