• Georgina Russell

More on Martha

Read again Luke 10 v. 38-42 and ask yourself:

What drove Martha to set such high standards for herself?

There are generally three types of perfectionism.

Perhaps Martha’s high standards were self-imposed - anything less is personal failure; or she may have felt standards set for her by family, society or others; or she may have set high standards for others and expected them to be perfect, as in her frustration with Mary.

There are perils to perfectionism, such as anxiety, depression, stress, obsessions, eating disorders, procrastination, and feeling distant from God. It has many tentacles, which affect lives in more ways than we think or know - and clearly Martha felt the pressure. However, we have the capacity to change and grow. Even in older age, God says, and research proves (scientists cotton on eventually!) that our brains are not ‘set’, they are pliable like plastic and we can renew our minds, habits and behaviours.

Rom.12 v.2

Phil. 4 v.8

2 Cor. 4 v.16

Jesus understands the struggles we have in ’letting go’, and to be recognized for the person we really are.

If our self worth depends on our performance, we will be less than God intended us to be, as we will not need God as we strive to attain our own perfection.

Perfection is a hoax as we cannot be perfect! Be easy on yourself and leave the perfecting to God. Only He can do all things well and he’s not holding up any scorecards!

It’s ok to have faults - love and accept yourself as Jesus does. We can have control over how we view ourselves but not how others view us, and actually others aren’t thinking about you anyway, as they have their own stuff to deal with.

We will never measure up to God - nor does Mother Theresa, Billy Graham, the Pope nor even our beloved leader Steve!!

But we have been justified by God. Rom 3 v.24.

Try this-

On a large sheet of paper write down some of the ways in which you think you should be perfect.

Think about what or who is driving your expectations.

Now reflect upon what Jesus would say to you (what did he say to Martha?).