• Georgina Russell

Can you believe it?

We come to the end of our first year sitting on the Church Sofa and have covered many issues concerning mental health and faith.

I now come to ‘Doubts’, and we all have them. Even those followers who spent lengthy times with Jesus had them. They didn’t always get it. I don’t always get it!

It all seems quite a bonkers story really. We must be mad to believe it, but you couldn’t make it up could you?

We all have different stories and experiences of how we became Christians, or we may not have reached that point yet and still be searching.

It’s OK to have doubts; we should be asking questions about what we believe.

God can handle our doubts. He will not be offended! He prefers our honesty.

If we want any sort of intimacy with God, we need to think for ourselves and ask questions, just like children naturally explore and ask questions.

We all have different relational styles; some are more cognitive, some more emotional. Character, experiences and upbringing will influence our path to faith.

Christians live in the place of the ‘Overlap’ between heaven and earth. When heaven breaks through it’s easy to believe, but most days it’s putting one foot in front of the other in following Christ.

I have known God’s faithfulness enough to trust Him with the bits I just don’t get, and I will sometimes ride on the faith of others and there are times when others ride on mine.

Matth. 17 v. 20 tells us that Jesus can work with and grow a tiny seed, ‘a mustard seed of faith.’

To Do:

Accept we all have doubts; it’s ok and healthy and it leads to spiritual growth.

Share your doubts with God and with others. Once you do, it gives others permission to share theirs.

Accept that nobody has all the answers; we are all on the same journey.

Read the gospels all the way through, disregard study aids, commentaries, sermons, assume there is not an established church, and read just the pure, unadulterated story of Christ. He’s either for real or a madman.

What do you think?


Acts 17 v. 27-28

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Jeremiah 29 v. 11-13