• Georgina Russell

Faith & Doubts

We are not alone in having doubts; it means you are actually thinking about matters of faith, whereas so many people do not think about them at all! The Church can lose so many people through the back door. It is easy to slip away, and maybe it is that these people have never really taken their faith seriously enough to truly examine it.

You may have been brought up in church, or it’s a nice place to belong and meet friends. However, we are called children of God and he doesn’t have any grandchildren. We need to come into the fullness of our own faith, our own personal relationship with God, a conversion not just of the mind but also of the heart.

One without any doubts is ‘too good to be true’. It is important to have more than a blind faith and an unquestioned belief, but we don’t need to put on a ‘good face’ and poor faith should not be stigmatised. Many people leave church through that back door because it can be unfriendly to doubters.

We may be asking emotional questions such as: why does God allow suffering? Hurt in our own life can cause us to doubt and ask these questions.

We may be asking intellectual questions such as: where’s the evidence?

We may be going through something called the ‘dark night of the soul’, a spiritual crisis where even a mature deep-seated faith is questioned.

There are lots of examples of people with doubts in the Bible- Job 42, John 20 v. 24-29.

We can be afraid of being disappointed with God so we hold back from examining God, we fear our fragile faith will be shattered.

What Helps?

Accept that doubts may either be fleeting or may last a long time, but don’t give up!!

Share your doubts with mature Christians; a good place for this is in your small group, a close friend or with a Pastoral Counsellor.

Look for answers, do research and read. Some good books are:

The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel (there is a student edition).

Who is This Man? By John Ortberg.

Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

Question Him, try Him, hold Him up to the light, stay with your feelings, make it personal and take your faith search seriously.

Jeremiah 29 v.13

Matthew 7 v. 7