• Georgina Russell

When God Seems Silent

Beyonce, J.K.Rowling, Isaac Newton, Winston Churchill, Stephen Fry, Johnny Depp, Solomon, Job, David, Elijah and many more. One in four of us at some time, one in ten in children, a family member, a friend, maybe you?

What do all these people have in common?

The answer …….'depression’.

Depression is an emotional state of despair and melancholy, a hopelessness with no joy, life feels empty and meaningless; it can be a short episode or seemingly last forever.

Depression can strike anyone regardless of health, intellect, personality, environment , life experience or faith.

It is part of the human condition.

Clinical Depression is best left to doctors and psychotherapists to treat; it may involve drugs and/or psychotherapy.

As depression can affect our spiritual life let us look at what scripture has to say-


1 Kings 19:4

Job 10:1

Psalm 42

In the bible it is referred to as ‘melancholy, a black cloud, a pit of despair’, familiar feelings to many sufferers.

Jesus knew suffering and grief. He identifies with us and wants us to bring our suffering to God.

Isaiah 40:11 gives us a beautiful picture of God. He is the Good Shepherd and comes to us with gentleness ,grace and understanding.

Remind yourself of what God says to us-

Psalm 32:7

Psalm 34:18

Isaiah 43:2-3

In prayer, be totally honest with God. Have a spiritual and emotional nakedness before Him, because He will only enter the places that we invite Him into. Prayer is part of the journey from self to God, from pain to praise.

It may help to express your feelings in a letter, or draw some pictures. Eloquence or artistic ability is not required!

Talk, talk, talk; share with friends, and this may help them.

Talking often helps us to get a different perspective on our sadness. We may not know what other people are struggling with, but when you open up, it gives them permission to open up too. Try to care about others; ask how they are doing.

Live one day at a time, step by step, toe by toe.

Make small decisions, life needs to be an active commitment.

Profess hope and faith in God; continue to trust God even when He seems silent.