• Georgina Russell

Adopted into God's Family

The heart of the gospel is Adoption; it gives us a new everlasting identity and place in God’s family.

Adoption is what redemption is all about, for once we were all ‘Prodigals’. As the Prodigal’s father longed to receive his son back, so our heavenly father longs for us. Adoption is costly to the Father, for His Son paid the highest price. John 1:12 says; when we receive God, we have the right to be His child.

I John 3:2 tell us; we are God’s children.

When God adopts us He begins the work of transforming us into the family likeness, this is a lifelong process.

The relationship we have with our earthly father usually influences our relationship with our heavenly father, and affects what adoption means to us, and it’s worth examining this. Our perception of God can be influenced by our earthly fathers’ words and actions, even as adults, this can still touch us.

If our earthly father was absent or distant, we may struggle to see God as loving and available to us, if we had a judgemental father, we may project this onto God and see Him as exacting and critical.

If our earthly father was available, loving and kind then it’s easier to see God as such. Our perception of God may be so influenced by our experience with our earthly father, that it can make it difficult or easy to know the true nature of God.

Some families may appear better than others, but all will have areas of dysfunction, as there are no perfect families. We should try not to resent the normal human failings of our earthly father but rather celebrate our heavenly Father’s love for us. The nature of God is to be tender, kind, compassionate, patient, forgiving and loving. He is intimately involved in every area of our lives.

Think about-

How does your relationship with your earthly father impact your relationship with God?

How does the reality of being God’s child change the way you live your life now?

People, even the best parents will sometimes let you down, and we will let others down, but God never will.

Book recommendation

‘The Father Heart of God ‘by Floyd McClung