• Georgina Russell

The Impostor Syndrome

Do you ever feel you don’t really deserve your job or position - it’s a fluke you got it, your accomplishments are just down to luck, and if they found out what you were really like they’d soon get rid of you?

Do you live in apprehension that you might be uncovered to be a fraud?

Do you feel that everyone around you seems to know what they are doing except you?

Then join the Impostor Syndrome Club! It’s quite a secret society and has many members!

These feelings can tear at our confidence and hold us back in social events, work, friendship groups and in the gifts we have to offer to the church and the world. We can feel this when we are in church and question our salvation; some people seem to be more spiritual than us and we feel we have less to offer.

It’s easy to focus on our imperfections instead of our strengths.

Where we live and the period of time in which we live is planned by God. He has fitted us perfectly into history for a divine purpose - we are supposed to be here at this exact time and place.

Acts 17:26 says ‘for He determined the times set for us and the exact places for us to live.’ This includes our home, school, university, workplace and church. You are meant to be here, now.

Even the seemingly most confident of us have been, and still may be members of the Impostor Club.

How can you terminate your subscription?

You can start by:

Recognising and confronting these feelings

Discovering your gifts and abilities

Acknowledging your weaknesses. A square peg in a round hole will soon suffer from stress and anxiety

Don’t use your weaknesses as an excuse for not trying

Don’t be too critical and obsessed with yourself

Relax! We are all a work in progress, so don’t compare yourself with, or strive to be like someone else

God created you to be yourself, and there’s no one better to do that than you. Tell yourself you deserve success. When you need encouragement go to ‘encouragers’.

Philippians 3:4 ‘true worth begins with Christ’

Ephesians 2:10 ‘We are God's masterpiece’

Apply God's truth and unsubscribe!