Loss & Restoration

Updated: Mar 27, 2020

Imagine a small rural African village with many small huts and little pathways between them. The huts have their own nameplates such as; Shock, Sorrow, Anger, Apathy, Depression. There is also a hut named Restoration.

In bereavement you’ll spend some time in each hut, differing amounts of time, perhaps visiting a few different huts all in one day. You may go back and forth, shifting between the huts; an ebb and flow of thoughts and feelings. So you sit, and a healing work is being done although it may not feel like it is.

There will be dry times and numbness, emotional and spiritual. It takes patience but new life is coming.

You don’t need to wait until all the work is done to enter the hut called Restoration; it really helps to pop in and out of this hut. By spending time here, it will help you to adjust to daily life, to living without your loved one.