• Ursula

Bringing Out The Treasure

As we saw last month, we are all unique with different personalities. We also have different Learning styles – Early Years Educators will be so aware of this.

It is important to recognise a pupil’s learning style, as there is a strong connection between teaching styles, how children learn and their success.

I say ‘teaching styles’, as our own learning style will impact upon our teaching style.

The main learning styles are:

Auditory - learning mainly through hearing, sounds, music, verbal communications, lectures and lists.

Visual - learning through seeing, reading, pictures, diagrams, film.

Kinaesthetic - learning through moving and doing, handling concrete forms and making things.

Multisensory - a mixture of all three, feeling, listening, watching, doing, and trying it out.

40% of adults and children have a dominant main learning style, the most common being Kinaesthetic.

Primary schools teach mainly Kinaesthetically, so this will cover most children, however this tends to change to an Auditory style in the senior school, and if this is not the student’s preference then learning may slow down.

We need to become our child’s student - study them to discover how they learn best.

Every child is a treasure chest, and some come with extra’s, such as the dyslexic child who thinks outside of the box, or the highly focused autistic child.

Our job is to find the treasure within our children and to bring it out. We need to show them the way they should go (Proverbs 22:6) and to help them learn in the way that will give them success. Their talents will remain hidden if they don’t believe in themselves!

Build success in every little life lesson, re-teach, be patient and praise them.

How many of us wish we’d had parents and teachers who did this? Many children and adults end up feeling as if they are ‘round pegs in square holes’.

When you think about it, Jesus taught in a variety of ways such as using stories and parables, questions and discussions. He engaged the imagination and emotions, He taught individually, in small groups and in large crowds. He brought out and showed people their treasure.

Jesus really is the Greatest Teacher.