• Ursula

Don’t Let Corona the Grinch Steal Christmas

This year will be complicated, Christmas as we know it will be different.

Probably no large family gatherings, work, school or college parties. School celebrations and end of term activities will be different.

Santa may be wearing a mask over his beard!

Many will be affected by a reduced income and job insecurity.

Not a lot to celebrate really.

We can no longer plan things ahead, how many are legally allowed in one house, what size turkey do we order?

Christmas is a religious festival celebrated through the centuries in many various ways according to the culture and values of the times. It means different things to different people - to have got through the year (and what a year this has been), time off work, time with family and friends - which are all worth celebrating.

However, we can see Christmas as a temporary relief from burdens, rather than in Jesus, and expect something from Christmas that can only be given by God.

Seen at its best it’s a time for loving and giving, at its worst a time of self-indulgence. It’s easy to ignore the guest…Jesus.

So how do we and how can we celebrate the Real Christmas?

The purpose of Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Christ; the Son of God.

Luke 2:10 ‘I bring tidings of great joy’.

Luke 2:14 ‘Glory to God in the highest and peace to people on earth’.

The third verse of the well-known carol ‘O Little Town of Bethlehem’

speaks of that encounter with God:

‘How silently, how silently

The wondrous gift is given

So God imparts to human hearts

The blessings of His heaven

No ear may hear His coming

But in this world of sin

Where meek souls will receive Him still

The dear Christ enters in.’

It may be this year we will have to celebrate simply, with fewer people and for some people on ones own. But we can still keep the Christmas and family traditions.

A Christmas focused on Christ.

Corona the Grinch cannot steal the Real Christmas!

A blessed Christmas to all…