• Ursula

God's Promise to Us

Everywhere rainbows are appearing in windows. Painted, crayoned, even constructed of Lego, mainly children’s artwork, they are there to say ‘thank you’ to our key workers in this crisis.

Rainbows are really just water droplets being illuminated by sunlight, but the result is beautiful, and they do have significance to us.

Most of us know the story of Noah and how God placed a rainbow in the sky as a sign of God's promise to Noah and his descendants.

Noah and his family endured over a year of isolation, God kept him and his family safe in the ark. He cared and provided for them in a dangerous world, and they must have been frightened to see the destruction of the earthly home they knew. To cope with the time, I sometimes wonder if God put the animals into some sort of hibernation, but all the inhabitants of the ark had to practise patience.

Genesis 8:1 says that ‘God remembered Noah and all the livestock and wild animals with him in the boat’.

We too are in isolation and it can be difficult. We are made for contact and relationship because we are social beings, and we need each other, so this enforced isolation is so unnatural for us.

However as God did not forget Noah, He will not forget us.

God does not take us out of the storm, but He promises to be with us when we go through these difficult times; this storm will pass and the world will survive.

It’s easy to give way to fear, but we are called to look to God and walk in faith; that is, to take hold of what He has said to us.

Matthew 28:20 ‘Surely I am with you’.

Romans 8:38-39 ‘Nothing can separate us from the love of God’.

Isaiah 41:10 and 43:1-2 ‘Fear not’.

Psalm 118:6 ‘The Lord is my helper’.

Feed your faith and starve your fears because the one you feed will grow. Focus on God’s word and His promises.

The rainbow reminds us of God’s covenant and of His faithfulness to us, just as it was to Noah.

When you see the rainbows in people’s windows, remember He too will take care of us.