• Ursula

More on Life Interrupted

In these last few months life has suddenly changed and everything now is so uncertain. You have given up a lot, things that were just part of a normal life; school, college, end of term activities, friends, parties, exams and the collective experience of achievement or disappointment. Your plans, the gap year maybe, starting work, training or university, all now hang by a thread.

Also you may be not so independent; you may have returned home or are perhaps unable to leave.

You may feel you have to cope with things before you are ready; it’s overwhelming. It’s easy to focus on what you’re missing out on, and fear losing the control you once had. You have experienced loss and you may feel sadness and even anger.

Nobody was and could be fully prepared for this event. Life will always have interruptions, and that is a certain, however Jesus teaches us to prepare ourselves for the unexpected.

Scripture is full of how to deal with 'the storms of life’, but to do that we need to build on a firm foundation.

Remember the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’?

The first two little pigs were impatient to build their homes so they would have more time to party. They built their homes using straw or bricks on a base of sand. The third little pig spent time and effort in building his house with bricks on a foundation of bedrock. The big bad wolf easily blew the first two houses down, but he couldn’t blow the brick house down, as it was built with strong materials on a solid foundation that did not shift when trouble came.

Matthew 7:24-27 teaches us about building on a solid firm foundation. God is our firm foundation through all storms and circumstances in life.

We build on Him by:

  • Developing a personal faith and trusting Him

  • Reading His Word and doing what it says

  • Praying, we are designed to communicate with God

When you decide how to respond to difficult circumstances in life, this is where personal and spiritual growth takes place. Change can bring a new direction; God may be showing you a new future, and His plan for your life still stands.

Psalm 55:8

Luke 8:22-25

James 1:2-4