Our current response to the Coronavirus

17 March 2020

Due to the latest Government advice, we have suspended all Riverside meetings and activities until further notice. However, even though our meetings have stopped, the church very definitely goes on! We are currently working on different and exciting ways to ensure we stay well connected to God, each other and our world. Look out for regular updates and information – we are committed to keeping you well informed on all that is happening.

Pastoral care

Every person who is registered on Church Suite will have been assigned to a Community Group for pastoral care. WhatsApp and other electronic means of communication will be used to keep Community Groups together and informed. The staff will be working hard with Community Group leaders to ensure the smooth running of the church as we pass through these challenges. It is also our firm intention to look for ways to extend this care well beyond the walls of the church. Some creative things are already being done by individuals and we'll continue to keep you informed of that too.

Spiritual input and teaching