• Ursula

The Waiting Room

After the trauma of the pandemic, many people are still in the ‘waiting room’ - afraid about fully re-entering normal life. This ‘waiting room’ might be a wise and safe place for some people, particularly the vulnerable, but what of the anxious?

Many are struggling with fear, it could be that your own level of fear surprises you; you may feel you are living a half-life because it is holding you back.

These feelings are perfectly normal, the world has been through unprecedented challenges.

We have always had natural disasters, wars and plagues, but this is our first experience of being in that place.

Christians are not unaffected by what’s going on around us, it says in the Bible that ‘we will have trouble in this world’ and it’s a fantasy to think that we won’t.

We need to see things from God’s perspective, be realistic about what’s going on and trust Him. He doesn’t play with us by giving us false hope.

God has not forgotten us, He is here with us - it’s better to go through this life trusting God, than try without Him.

Worry, fear and anxiety can overwhelm us, but reality tells us that much of what we worry about never even happens.

By choosing faith over fear we give priority to thinking over feelings, it’s letting God replace the world’s worries with the truth of scripture. Our feelings will come and go but His truth stands forever.

We can learn not to let fear have control over our lives, it’s not always easy, it’s a choice that takes courage, and it takes time for ingrained thoughts to change.

Choose faith over fear; ask “what does God say about this?”

Guard your heart; that means, be wise and discerning, be aware of negative thoughts and influences in your life, challenge them, and avoid their company.

Pray for those who are still in the ‘waiting room’, that they will have the courage to re-enter life, work, church and society at the right time.

Pray for yourself. Think on Psalm 62:8 and Romans 15:13

Picture the tortoise - it doesn’t matter how slowly you are going as long as you are heading in the right direction.