• Ursula

The "What-Ifs"

We are often uncomfortable with the uncertainty of life. The world situation may be new to us and we wonder if we can cope with what lies ahead in the future.

When we think about the ‘what ifs’ we may get anxious. We may try to invent possible outcomes or scenarios to prepare ourselves and see if we can handle it. Or we may imagine the worst in order to test our strength. We can waste hours mentally preparing and worrying about the future, so that we don’t fully live for today.

Even without looking at what is happening around us, many people have certain patterns of thinking that can cause unnecessary distress. Thought patterns such as always anticipating negative conclusions - we call this ‘Faulty Thinking’.

Jesus is the master Psychologist and shows us how to deal with uncertainty, He teaches us to live ‘a day at a time’.

Matthew 6:25-34 tells us not to borrow cares from tomorrow, but to live for today, a day at a time, in the present.

Matthew 6:11 tells us to ask for our daily provision, not next weeks or next years.

Lamentations 3:22-23 tell us ‘His mercies are new every morning.’

God wants us to enjoy abundant life but if we’re not careful we can end up in survival mode. The future is uncertain, however we know we can leave it in God’s hands. We were not built to carry the burdens of tomorrow, but God is.

The road ahead will be bumpy but better to travel it with God than without God!

The antidote to fear is faith; God will give us the strength we need for each new day with its pressures, joys, and griefs.

The more we get used to trusting God through the uncertainty, the more resilient we become. We can have a God-given confidence to face the future.

Dealing with the “What-If’s” -

-Trust God and His Word.

-Appreciate the blessings we have now.

-Apply the right perspective.

-Realise worry is a waste of time.

-Remember God’s plan for us still stands.

-Trust in God’s care for us.

-Deal with problems a day at a time.

-Pray about all things, God cares about all things concerning us.

God doesn’t give us grace for our imaginations. God gives us grace for today.