• Ursula

Welcome 2021!

During 2020 we experienced a year like no other, a collective experience affecting us all, individually and globally.

What will be our overriding memory of the year? The sudden lockdown of workplaces, institutions, non-essential shops, churches, schools and colleges. We saw Black Lives Matter protests, climate protests and continuing Brexit negotiations.

After the initial response of shock, confusion and anxiety, we began to support and encourage each other - putting rainbows in the window, community groups helping out, food banks delivering food, extra funds from the government to support the vulnerable and furloughed businesses.

We have had to navigate a course where there wasn’t an existing road map. However, we now have arrived at the beginning of the end.

Looking back on the journey will help us move forward. The world will keep spinning and we still have a good future!

So what will we take with us into the future? What have you learnt and what changes would you personally like to make in your life? We can have some honest reflections about our lives.

As followers of Jesus, we have this promise:

‘Your word is a lamp to my feet,

And a light to my path.’ Psalm 119:105

The light on the path shows us the direction ahead; the lamp guides us along the path of life and into eternal life. His light will help us make the best decisions in how to serve our family, friends, community and God, perhaps bringing a renewal of worship and love and generosity to others.

With faith we can look at the past and the future with a positive prospective.

Faith is more than hope; it is an inner certainty that things will be OK as God is in our future. Faith knows that God will take care of us and our lives are in His hands.

If we made a list of everything we have done during lockdown and all the lifestyle reflections, we will see we have found some ‘Treasures in the darkness’ Isaiah 45:3 A place where God opens our eyes to what would otherwise be unseen.

Jeremiah 29:11 speaks of God's promise - He has a plan for our lives, to give us a hope and a future.

Blessed New Year.