• Ursula

When We Can't Trust The Plans We've Made

All around us people are being worn down by the pandemic; wondering when it will end, glimpsing the road back to ‘normal’ only to come across new roadblocks again. Events are cancelled at the last minute, so we are reluctant to plan anything; the pandemic is playing havoc with our lives, and we are continually being interrupted.

Our perception of the world as a generally safe, predictable place has changed, revealing our insecurities. Perhaps we need to reconstruct our worldview to help us adjust to the new reality.

We may make our own plans, but we were not created to live independently of God; we were made to live in relationship with Him. God must be Lord in our lives - we don’t know better than Him, we must let Him rule.

This means holding our lives and plans in an open palm - everything we have has been given to us by God and He can take it away. When we hang on to our man-made plans too tightly we can get stressed, anxious and break.

Trusting God can feel scary and hard, but He has our backs, and He is with us right in the middle of our fear, we may have to stay in the mess for a while but He won’t leave us.

God’s promises do not change even when everything else does, He sees the bigger picture, and we only see a small part.

In surrendering to God, we learn to trust Him more and become more flexible and resilient. We must be ready to change or cancel things and not get frustrated, angry and upset. We may not understand everything God is doing, but ultimately we know that He uses everything for good. When we bring our concerns to God, He will calm our anxious thoughts and we will be drawn into a deeper place of trust.

Our young people especially will have many challenges ahead, and we can help protect their mental health by modelling Godly living ourselves. We can demonstrate how to adapt to unexpected occurrences and show them that we trust in God in all things, so they can too.

Jeremiah 29:11

Proverbs 16:9

Isaiah 12:2

Deuteronomy 31:6

These verses will give us courage, strength and motivation to keep us going.