At Riverside, we are passionate about worshipping Jesus in everything we do - in both our individual and church lives. Song-based praise and worship is central to all that we do, whether we come together on a Sunday morning or meet in other settings such as Community Groups.


We have a team of talented musicians, singers and audio/visual technicians who use modern instruments and technology to enable people to worship in the most varied, relevant and sensitive ways possible. 

Using different worship leaders each week, we are able to bring a range of styles and songs (new and old) which ensures a freshness, variety and depth of worship.


We are always keen to welcome new musicians, singers and technicians to the team. So, if you have a talent in one of these areas and most importantly, are looking to use that talent to worship Jesus, then please do get in touch for a chat.


We truly hope that you find the worship at Riverside helps you develop your relationship with Jesus. After all, He is worthy of all our praise and worship to reflect His amazing greatness, mercy and love.


Andy King, Worship Pastor